We implement the following activities with diligence in order to materialise our aspirations.

Mentorship and Networking

Mentorship is provided by the senior members (experienced medical students, medical doctors, neurosurgical residents, neurosurgeons and eminent professors in neurosurgery and related specialties) to proactive students, general practitioners and residents. The top leaders of AFAN are found or have passed through the most prestigious Universities in Africa and the World and this places them in a comfortable zone to offer guidance to members.

We are aware of the determinant role that belonging to a strong network and community plays in career development and AFAN presents itself as the solution to that problem. The availability of a wide variety of members as well as activities organised permits networking and integration in the neurosurgical community worldwide.


  1. Weekly webinars: They are organized every saturday at 5 PM GMT on Zoom which is an application set up for virtual video, audio conferencing and others. Presentations are done by any volunteer neurosurgeon, neurosurgical residents, general practitioners or medical students in english on neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropathology, neurosurgery and various topics of interest. Those presentations are recorded instantly and posted on our YouTube channel. Medical students are then encouraged to present more frequently to develop their skills of speech and assurance.


  1. From the thesis to a manuscript: We strengthen or provide members with skills in research and promote research in various domains in neurosurgery and related specialties. Assistance is provided in the publication of members’ articles in decent journals around the world.
  2. Scoping reviews: They are organised by the research department where medical students learn how to perform good articles with neurosurgeons and neurosurgical residents. This exposes them to research experience early in their journey and helps them become proactive surgeons.
  3. Journal club: Our social media team is composed of neurosurgical residents and medical students who ensure propagation of neurosurgical research, visual abstracts and education on our different platforms during the week. We organise frequent online sessions to educate on research and related topics.
  4. Research Fellowship and Publications: Meet our research fellows


  1. Opinion pieces in blogs (Gender Equity and Global Neurosurgery)
    1. My Struggle As An African Woman Pursuing Neurosurgery.
    2. Global Neurosurgery In Africa: Initiatives of the Association of Future African Neurosurgeons.
  2. Opinion pieces in scientific journals (Letter to the Editor, Commentary, Editorial)

We sensitize medical students, general practitioners from Africa on a career in neurosurgery and related specialties, we then arm them with materials and provide opportunities as well as networking needed to attain their dream of becoming neurosurgical residents. Once residents we guide them through their training and help them acquire fellowships.

The unrestricted expression of talents of each member is encouraged. Each member is oriented (based on his/her talents) to use his or her natural aptitudes to fuster his/her career.

AFAN is not a postgraduate program and it does not provide residency spots to its members. Rather it equips them with all the tools required and necessary to get into the best neurosurgery training spots worldwide!

Capacity Building

We offer guidance needed for success in public expression passing through writing outstanding resumes to impressing recruiters during interviews.

No need to emphasise on the high level of professionalism in AFAN which does not only permit juniors to learn but also emulate these great skills important for their career. AFAN’s professionalism and diligence ensures an adequate academic acquisition but also cultivates skills important for their future careers.

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