The Association of Future African Neurosurgeons (AFAN) is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization, consisting of students, early-career physicians, neurosurgical residents, neurosurgeons, neuro-anesthetists, neurologists, neuroanatomists and neuro-pathologists from all over the world particularly from Africa. AFAN is an interest group that provides mentorship, education, advocacy, and research in neurosurgery and related fields. 


AFAN was founded on 17th March 2019 by a group of 4 Aspiring African Neurosurgeons. AFAN initially presented weekly Neuroanatomy webinars on the Zoom of Neurosurgical TV. The videos were then uploaded to Neurosurgical TV’s YouTube channel. Later, AFAN created a WhatsApp group and a Facebook page, these marked the beginning of a neurosurgery interest group and networking platform.


The consistent lack of an African organisation geared towards nurturing aspiring neurosurgeons towards their career motivated the creation of AFAN and our daily motivation is seeing Medical students and General Practitioners being empowered and fulfilling their dream of becoming Neurosurgeons gradually and surely.


AFAN will become the largest efficient community of aspiring African neurosurgeons and will facilitate their career development in neurosurgery. 


To foster networking, mentorship, education, and capacity building among aspiring African neurosurgeons. We wish to level the playing field for all aspiring African neurosurgeons by sharing information and opportunities.


We promote positive leadership (as these are vital skills for a resilient and accomplished neurosurgeon).

Board of Trustees:

Dr. Marco Meloni, Dr. Abdullahi Jimoh, Dr. Dieu Merci Kabulo, Dr. Nourou Dine Bankole, Dr. Aminata Sallah, Dr. Nathalie Ghomsi, Dr. Ulrick Sidney Kanmounye.

Executive Team:

President – Yvan Zolo

Vice-President – Lorraine Sebopelo

Secretary General – Endalle Geneviève

Head of Research – Dr. Stéphane Nguembu

Head of Communications – David Ulrich Dalle

Creative Design – Chidiebere Ibe

Head of Operations – Dawin Sichimba

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